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Local Blends
Flavored Coffees

Local Blends

Boat Guys Blend
City Dock Coffee on the Docks of Annapolis had two employees who each had their favorite coffee. One loved the darkness of French Roast and the other loved the spicy flavor and complex aroma of Mocha Java. In an effort to end the debate, we came up with a coffee that has truly become a legend in and around Annapolis, Maryland. We take a dark roasted French Roast and blend it with the spicyness of Mocha Java. The true smokiness of the French Roast is paired perfectly with the spicy flavor and syrupy body of Mocha Java. The legendary Boat Guys Blend!

Nautical Blend
The myth of the morning mist on the waters in and around Maryland, called for a coffee that would stand up to any early morning waterman's tasks, yet be true to its calling for pure coffee tastes. The stout caramel, richness of French Roast, blended with the mild fruitiness of an Ethiopian. It is dark, yet it is mild with the Ethiopian providing a very smooth finish.

Chesapeake Bay Blend
A powerful full-bodied coffee with a soft nutty flavor. Mild enough to be served as a breakfast coffee, yet rich and bold enough to cut through the cream and be served after dinner. A true coffee lovers coffee. Strong and smooth with an almost sweet finish.

Holiday Blend
A Maryland tradition over the past 5 years. This coffee is only available from mid November through the end of December. A unique blend of three of our most popular coffees makes this a limited offering each year. Blended only in small quantities, this coffee takes the best of three medium roasts and blends them together to produce a full bodied, mild coffee with a sweet middle and a smooth, smooth finish. Perfect on a cold snowy morning, or in front of a roaring fire.

Flavored Coffees

All City Dock Flavored coffee start with the same high quality medium and dark roast varietal beans that we serve in our stores. We simply blend them with a spectacular variety of popular flavors.

Chocolate Raspberry
The creamy richness of Chocolate, blended with the sweetness of Raspberries. Always popular.

Hazelnut Cream
A coffee lovers favorite! Ground Hazelnuts are blended in with our medium roast Guatemala. True coffee flavor with the intense smell and taste of pure Hazelnuts.

Vanilla Nut
A medium roasted Guatemala blended with Madagascar Vanilla. Delicate, mild and unbelievable served with cream.

Toasted Southern Pecan
By blending a dark roasted Guatemala with a hint of Southern Pecan flavoring, we bring out the smoky, rich caramel notes in this coffee. Just the right amount of sweetness.

Hawaiian Hazelnut
The true mild Hawaiian Kona Blend that everyone talks about, served with sweet and smoky ground Hazelnuts. A distinctly different flavor than a regular Hazelnut coffee, sweet, mild, and magical. This coffee is award winning.

Irish Cream
A true medium roast Guatemala blended with a hint of true Irish Cream. Spectacular with a splash of cream.

The name says it all. A deep dark roasted coffee, blended with a rich sweet Caramel flavoring. Bold and wonderful! Great as a dessert coffee.

German Chocolate Torte
As sinful as it sounds! If you like rich, sweet and decadent, this is your coffee. The sweet tastes of a darker medium roast coffee, blended with the tastes of dark Chocolates. Put cream in this blend, and you can close your eyes and you can imagine yourself eating the real dessert.

Chocolate Crème Brule
A Medium roast Guatemala, served with a splash of creamy milk chocolate. Lighter than our German Chocolate Torte. Blended to give true milk chocolate eaters the coffee of their dreams.


Big Sky
Combining low acidity with medium body, this blend has a smooth chocolate sweetness. It makes a clean and complex espresso shot, and well as a popular drip brewed coffee.

Black & Tan
This rich selection carefully blends 75% dark roast and 25% medium roast. Black & Tan combines a full body with the mellow acidity of the medium roast, leaving the perfect syrupy finish.

Dillon's Blend
Dillon's blend takes the best Central American coffee beans and adds a twist, yielding the smoothest, most appealing coffee in the world. This blend works equally well for an espresso as a house drip coffee. The mild milk chocolate introduction is followed by a nutty middle, with a soft, sweet finish.

This combination of light and dark beans offers the best from two distinct roasting profiles. The even, smooth flavor from a lighter roast combined with the smokiness and dark chocolate notes of a darker roast give a well-balanced and intense drip coffee that can double as an espresso blend.

Green Planet Organic
This certified organic coffee offers a well-balanced, medium to full bodied taste, high acidity and smoky, fragrant overtones.

Mach-Ninni Decaf
City Dock Coffee consciously uses natural decaffeination process that is environmentally safe while leaving all the essential flavors in the coffee. A medium roast coffee, it boasts a smooth mild-bodied taste without showing any signs of offensiveness common to decaf.

This blend is released from the roaster just prior to acquiring a charcoal taste. A smoky dark chocolate flavor that doesn't push into any offensive bitterness often found in classic "Seattle-style" espresso blends. Geared toward the connoisseur, Metro Blend acts as a stand -alone in both the espresso and drip worlds.

Moka Java
A tantalizing blend of Ethiopian and Sumatran beans. Moka Java boasts a complex aroma with spicy flavor and syrupy body.

Special Dark
This exceptional dark roast provides a full aroma and rich highlights. The addition of Indonesian beans adds heavy body and develops a smooth smoky aftertaste unique to such a dark-roasted coffee.

This balanced medium roast has just enough dark roasted influence to peak with a kick, but still delivers a smooth full-bodied crisp finishing cup.


In the cup, Brazilian brings a low-toned acidity and soft flavor, complimented by a creamy body. Its finish is gentle, but sweet.

This coffee includes a full aroma, heavy body and good acidity-just the combination foe a classic profile. Its pleasing fruit tones are balanced by an excellent caramel-like sweetness, leading to an overall richness.

Costa Rican Tarrazu
Costa Rican beans offer great balance and crisp acidity, offering a clean follow-through. The taste offers a hint of spiciness and citrus notes. Good body and a chocolate finish add impact to this well-bred coffee.

Ethiopian Harrar
This varietal has a wonderful berry aroma that leads into an intense fruity flavor. This very intense complex coffee grows on you the more you drink it.

A classic Guatemalan, this is a very complete coffee with a medium to full-bodied taste. The high acidity and smoky, fragrant overtones create a nice clean finish.

This well-balanced coffee offers the best from the Island of Kauai, combining low acidity with a rich aroma. This medium bodied coffee has a milk chocolate finish, offering the best in a well-rounded coffee.

Kenyan AA
The bold body and lemony aroma are superb examples of what coffee drinkers enjoy in Kenyan beans. This intense coffee has a clean finish.

Papua New Guinea
The delicate aroma of the Papua New Guinea coffee is complimented by a medium body and a smooth, clean finish.

Sumatran boasts a full-bodied coffee with a strong, earthy tone. The acidity is low, offering the perfect combination foe a memorable cup of coffee.

Tanzanian Peaberry
Generally known for its mild aroma, Tanzanian coffee has a well-balanced acidity, and top-end floral characteristics. The peaberry offers these same traits, but with more intensity and snap.