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The City Dock Coffee Brand In Action

City Dock Coffee Retail Stores

The City Dock Coffee Brand has been built on a history of successful retail coffee cafes since 1994. From the beginning, our goal was to create a local watering hole in each neighborhood that houses one of our cafes. But, we don't cookie cutter our stores like many larger chains. While all of our products, training and customer service policies remain consistent, we develop each store to fit the uniqueness of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Customer service is first and foremost in all City Dock Coffee stores. Our customer service policy was built on three basic principles:

  • The Cheers Mentality
  • The 70/70 Rule
  • The Local Neighborhood Watering Hole

It is customer service with a bit of an edge. The basic principle drives off of becoming an active everyday part of your customer's daily routines and lives. Get to know them, serve them great products and make the atmosphere of the store attractive and we will continue to succeed. Click here to take a look at some of our cafes.

City Dock Bakery

Unlike most coffee companies, City Dock Coffee prides itself on having our own full service scratch kitchen operating 7 days per week, along with our own delivery vans to deliver our products. The head baker along with her staff, create amazing scratch pastries, soups, quiche and more for each of our stores. No mixes for our products. We use fresh ingredients and cook from scratch. This sets City Dock apart by being able to have very unique products that our                          competitors do not have access too. It also enables us to be very flexible in                          responding to customer's requests for both catered events and for products                          they would like to see served in our store. Check out the City Dock Catering                          Menu and see what goodies we have for you.

City Dock Coffee Services

In the coffee industry, there is a side of the business know as Office Coffee Services or O.C.S., which supplies offices and restaurants with their coffee equipment and products. As coffee shops have expanded throughout the United States, the quality of Office Coffee Services has not been able to keep up. In 2003, City Dock decided to change all of that. City Dock felt our customers should enjoy the same great quality coffee in other restaurants or their office as they do in our cafes. With the slogan "You have your business, coffee is ours,"                          City Dock set out to make our same café quality tastes available everywhere.                          From equipment to coffee and tea, to creamers and cocoas, City Dock's Coffee                          Services vans are working their routes to ensure that our clients are serving the                          best products possible. City Dock's retail stores have given us the reputation as                          being the coffee expert in this area, and our clients take comfort knowing that                          we are there to help them serve their customers the best that coffee has to                          offer. Take a look and see how we can help you with your coffee needs in your                          business.

City Dock Coffee Consultations

With the reputation that City Dock Coffee's retail stores have developed, the public sees City Dock Coffee as a huge success and obvious expert in the coffee industry. Along with that reputation came constant requests for franchising opportunities or consultation with helping to develop other coffee shops. Seeing an obvious value to our experience and time in the industry, City Dock has the ability to help others explore and develop their own coffee business through                         City Dock's Coffee Consultation division. Clients have the ability to contract with                         City Dock Coffee in three ways:

      • Level 1 is hourly consultation.
      • Level 2 is the ability to buy specific training sections, as they may feel necessary.
      • Level 3 is a turnkey store - From site selection through training and opening of their store.

                         Leveraging our nationwide speaking engagements at the coffee industries                          conventions, City Dock has been able to contract with clients from Maryland to                          California to Atlanta. If you're interested in Consultation Services, click here to                          see more information.