If you're like most business, you probably are currently using an outside coffee service to provide your coffee and supplies. Why not have City Dock Coffee Services provide you with the same great products you have enjoyed in our retail stores for over a decade at your office or home?

With City Dock Coffee Services, you'll be getting:

  • Weekly account services
  • The freshest products
  • Properly maintained equipment
  • Reasonable costs
  • The best service possible!

Why You Should Be Using City Dock Coffee Services?

  • Three simple words: Consistency, Quality, Reputation
  • Our coffees bring in to your office the same award-winning taste served in our cafes. Now everyone in the office can make a great tasting pot of coffee.
  • We buy and serve only the top 2% of the best coffees grown in the world.
  • We view your business as an extension of our business. Our reputation depends on your success.

You've helped to make City Dock Coffee's retail shops the most popular in the state-now you can bring those tastes to your office, customers, and staff.


  • Did you know that the average cup of coffee in a retail shop is $1.50?
  • You can serve our coffees for less than .09 cents per cup!


  • Equipment will be provided as necessary to service any size office.
  • We will clean all equipment, whether it is yours or ours. We want our coffee to be served in the cleanest equipment.


  • We come to you direct-weekly or bi weekly-and build your inventory up to an acceptable level. We believe that smaller quantities more often mean fresher quality.
  • We will post a description tag for the kind of coffee you have chosen to serve.
  • Our local stores can help with emergency product needs.
  • We are coffee purists. When new tastes become available in our stores, we offer them to you.
  • We approach coffee like wine, and we want customers to know what they like. A coffee introductory is provided at time of first order delivery.

Please contact us at 410.269.0961 or info@citydockcoffee.com directly for more information.

Below are some of City Dock Coffee Services Current Customers: